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On your path to success... you don't need luck, you need Logic.

Your potential. Our connections.

Opportunities for Job Seekers

Not all staffing agencies are created equal. Neither are all employees. We focus on finding great people jobs that fit, so you're more likely to find an exciting and lasting position when you work with us.

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Why are we better at getting our employees hired at client companies? Simple. We don't take a shotgun approach to staffing. We know a good fit equals job satisfaction and better performance, which often leads to getting hired.

How are staffing agencies different than temp agencies?

People come to us because they want a faster track to a top quality position or career. As a staffing agency, our difference comes down to being truly committed to doing all we can to get our employees hired or staffed at a job they love.

As a staffing agency, we structure our business relationships so that when you get hired, it's a win for you and for us. That way, we can be 100% committed to what's best for you.

Trusted by local business

Quality local companies often get tired of working with big, impersonal temp agencies. Tacoma, Sumner, and Kent businesses love to hire through us because we’ve earned their trust. And we don't just serve the cities where we have branch offices, we serve the entire South Sound.

Staffing Solutions for Business

Why work with a local, culture-fit focused staffing agency? We not only select for skill set, we filter candidates for culture-fit, quality, and dependability, so our people are more likely to fit in and thrive.

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We think temp agencies owe you a more vetted candidate. So, we select temporary employees for you based on their likeliness to enjoy your work environment. This often leads to greater job satisfaction and performance, making it easier for you to pull the trigger on hiring them full-time — if that's your aim.

And we don't have to tell you that satisfied employees stay longer, slowing turnover and increasing efficiency.

Responsive service

Maybe you've worked with other temp agencies before and you're wondering how partnering with a premium staffing agency like ours will be different. If your past experiences were less than stellar, there's hope. Because we’re a local, independent company, we’re usually more motivated than "the other guys" to fill all of your staffing needs quickly. Our team is nimble, hungry, and effective. 

What if I only need short-term temporary staffing?

We aren't limited to temp-to-hire services. Maybe you're looking for short-term staffing services more in line with those of traditional temp agencies. Tacoma, Sumner, Kent, and the broader South Sound region are home to client companies representing a range of industries that have benefited from our short-term services too.

Expect Logic Staffing employees to get up to speed faster, boosting your productivity, because we staff you with higher-caliber employees who have been hand-selected to fit your company's ethos, whether you need them for a week or you're looking to fill a permanent position.

Tips for Job Seekers & Employers