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DuPont, Tacoma, Sumner, and Kent's Smartest Staffing Agency

Finding potential in every person and greatness in every situation.

A locally owned and operated staffing and recruiting organization, we’re obsessed with finding the smartest way to help businesses throughout the Puget Sound with their staffing needs. Our commitment to really knowing and partnering with both client businesses and our temporary employees sets us apart — and makes us more enjoyable to work with.

If you join our team, you’ll quickly find out that our employees are the heart of our business. We offer benefits and take the time to match you to the right position. Why? We’re nice people, sure, but this is also about good business. By taking great care of you, we know that you will take amazing care of our customers’ businesses.

If we were professional baseball managers, we would be one of those data-obsessed teams. Why? We love research. By studying your business’ products, processes, and culture we are able to craft tailored staffing solutions just for you. Custom, comprehensive staffing solutions at a competitive price, without compromising quality — can’t beat that.

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Logic Staffing | Corporate Team

Logic Staffing | Corporate Team

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Logic Staffing | Sumner Team

Logic Staffing | Sumner Team

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