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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety in the workplace not only affects local and contract mechanics; it affects everyone within the work unit. Electrical hazards are most commonly caused by unsafe equipment, unsafe work practices, or unsafe workplaces due to environmental factors. Everyone plays a key role in ensuring electrical safety within the workplace.

An electrical shock happens when a person becomes part of the electrical circuit. When following your specific workplace Lockout/Tagout procedure, it is extremely important that you always test the piece of machinery or equipment to ensure that all of the extra energy that may have been stored is expelled. Any equipment operator or qualified maintenance technician MUST know and understand the safety requirements for each piece of equipment being used or being serviced.

Did you know?

  • Nearly one person dies each day due to an electrical hazard caused on-the-job.
  • 46,000 people have been injured due to electrical hazards over the past 5 years while on-the-job.
  • During the work day, 1 person is involved in an electrical accident every 30 minutes.

What is the difference between the term Electrocution and Electric Shock? Electrocution is only to be used in the instance that electrical shock results in death. If death is not the result, the term Electric Shock or just shocked is to be used.

Only Qualified persons are permitted to work with exposed energy parts. You should never tamper or attempt to fix any exposed electrical parts if you are not certified and authorized to do so by the worksites management team.

Whenever working with electricity, appropriate PPE must be worn at all times. No matter how “easy” or “simple” the task may be, PPE must be worn at all times!

You should always exercise good judgment and common sense when working around, near or with electricity. Everyone comes in contact with some form of electricity on a daily basis, so we must all remain vigilant and follow workplace electrical safety procedures at all times.

**Extension cords are only a Temporary Fix!!**