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Near Miss: The one that almost happened!

“Near Miss” is defined as ‘A Result that is nearly, but not quite, successful.’

What does this mean? It means that a serious accident ALMOST occurred.

  • For every 300 Near Misses there is 1 serious injury
  • There were 1.2 billion near misses in 2013
  • This means that on average every employee experiences 4 near miss incidents each year.

The same things that cause Accidents cause Near Misses!

  • Whenever a near miss incident occurs, report it immediately to your supervisor. We learn from near miss incidents and can prevent an actual accident from happening if properly reported.
  • Unsafe acts, such as improper lifting, not using proper Personal Protective equipment, hurrying to get a job done, running or walking quickly, or being distracted are examples of reasons why near miss incidents can occur.

Letting near misses go unreported provides opportunity for a serious accident to occur. Correcting these actions or conditions will enhance the safety within our facility and provide a better working environment for everyone involved. Don’t let yourself or a co-worker become a statistic! Report near misses to your Supervisor.