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Safety Attitude – It Starts With You!

Everyone has had some type of safety training in their life time, as a child we were taught to look both ways before crossing the street and as an adult we were warned about staying out in the sun for too long. Yet it never fails, every day we fail to follow the most common safety procedures known to man. Safety is not just something to be mindful of while on the job, we all need to have a Safety Attitude about everything in life.

The top three reasons that employees fail to follow or neglect safety rules are because:

They are in a Hurry

They figure accidents always happen to others and it will never happen to them

They are resentful of their supervisors.

Every time an employee fails to follow proper safety protocol, they are betting that an accident will not occur. Is Health, Safety or even life itself, really worth such a gamble? We think Not! Employees with unsafe attitudes are extremely toxic and can make the workplace that much dangerous! Every employee should be thoroughly engaged with a Safety Attitude!

The following are a few examples of unsafe attitudes:

  • Driving Distracted
  • Neglecting to keep the work area clean and free of clutter and/or tripping hazards
  • Using alcohol or drugs in the workplace
  • Not applying common sense when lifting or moving equipment
  • Not wearing all applicable PPE
  • Modifying or bypassing safety guards or safety procedures
  • Unnecessarily rushing, hurrying, participating in horseplay or any other distracting activates

Safety will always turn out to the one of the best habits you will ever have. It will decrease your chances of joining those who have been disabled or killed in work place accidents each year! Don’t become a statistic! Have a great Safety Attitude.

As an employee, it is extremely critical for you to follow these four simple safety rules everyday:

  1. Practice good housekeeping to avoid slips, trips or falls.
  2. Use proper lifting techniques whenever lifting any objects – it does not matter if the object only weighs 5 pounds!
  3. Never use equipment that is defective or is not working as it should!
  4. Take the time to be aware of safety and help teach safety to your co-workers and others around you. Safety starts with YOU…

We can NEVER predict when an unsafe act or condition will result in an accident, so don’t take a chance on your life or health; dedicate yourself to working safely at all times!