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Quality Jobs in Sumner, WA

Logic Staffing | Sumner Office

We are the employment seeker’s fast-track to quality jobs in Sumner, WA. And for businesses in the greater Sumner area, consider us your talent pipeline for the best distribution center, food services, production, logistics, and clerical associates.

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    As a culture-fit focused staffing agency, our process and customer service sets us apart from other Sumner temp agencies. 

    For job seekers this means that we work really hard to understand who you are and what you’re good at. Then we match you up with a company that has a culture and a need that fits with you ― your skills, personality, and potential.

    Logic Staffing | Sumner Office

    Logic Staffing
    5814 Graham Ave #200
    Sumner, WA 98390

    5814 Graham Ave, Sumner, WA

      Better jobs in Sumner, WA

      Why do we do a better job of matching employees to the right opportunity than most staffing agencies? We’ve turned getting to know our temporary employees and the client companies we send them to into a science, using skills assessments and company-culture-based questionnaires.

      The results of our matchmaking efforts?

      Our results speak volumes. Higher job satisfaction and success for workers — and performances that make it easy for client companies to hire our candidates permanently. For those looking for seasonal or short-term work, we also partner with companies that have short-term staffing needs.

      Good benefits available

      How else are we different? To attract the best candidates for our client companies, we offer benefits (…), including vision, dental, medical and life insurance.

      Administrative and distribution center jobs in Sumner, WA

      Looking for good Sumner, WA warehouse jobs or clerical work? We focus our staffing efforts on superior distribution-center jobs and quality administrative or clerical opportunities. We work with well-known companies who have a reputation for treating their workers right.