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At Logic Staffing Tacoma, we pride ourselves on being the quality employment candidate’s fast track to jobs in Tacoma, WA. We provide promising people with exciting opportunities at outstanding companies all over the South Sound — and we have an office conveniently located near you.

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    It’s the nature of marketing to exaggerate about your products and services, so we invite you to satisfy your curiosity. Check out our jobs in Tacoma, WA. You’ll quickly see that we offer positions that are a cut above the rest, including positions with opportunity for permanent employment, pay increases, benefits, and more.

    Logic Staffing Tacoma Office Info

    Logic Staffing
    2102 N. Pearl St, #302
    Tacoma, WA 98406
    (253) 433-3101

    2102 N. Pearl St, Tacoma, WA

      What we offer employees

      We staff for exciting, well-known companies with jobs in distribution centers, food services operations, and various clerical positions. Our range of Tacoma job openings provide opportunities for benefits and bonuses, and often include the follow types of positions: 

      • Exciting temp-to-perm positions
      • Superior direct-hire positions
      • Seasonal and short-term work

        Client company opportunities

        Got a business with staffing needs located in the Tacoma area? Let us take the staffing burden off your shoulders and improve the quality of candidates coming your way.

        Why are we confident that we can help you? Think of using the typical temp agency as finding a date in the classifieds section. Then think of our Tacoma staffing agency as a sophisticated online dating service focused on finding you your perfect match.

        Logic Staffing Tacoma is a culture-fit style staffing agency, which means we’re experts in finding you employees who are more likely to thrive in your business’ culture and master the skills necessary for the job. We staff for hard and soft skills, so you can minimize employee drama and maximize productivity and profits.